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At Symphony Dance our top priority is our dancers. We want them to feel supported, challenged, loved, and SAFE. 


These are our covid guidelines and precautions: 

For dancers/those entering the building-

  • A mask is required to enter the building & social distancing is required in the building. 
  • Dancers should not arrive more than 5 minutes before class. 
  • Parents/Guardians/Family of dancers who are over the age of 5 should wait outside the studio.
  • Anyone who enters needs to remove their street shoes. (To prevent bringing outside germs in). 
  • Laundry baskets (that are wiped down and sanitized between use) are available in the doorway. 
    • Use these to hold all belongings (jacket, dance bag,shoes, etc.) 
      • Cubbies/Lockers are not available at this time. 
    • This keeps dancers safer from studio germs and the studio safer from dancer germs.
  • All dancers and any potential visitors are asked to please reduce the amount of contact/touching of surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located near each studio and dancers should use these or wash their hands prior to class. 
  • No open food or drink in the dance rooms (except water, at water break times). 
    • Our water cooler is currently not available (NYSDOH recommends limiting shared water access at this time). 
  • Dancers will be assigned a social distance area for center work in class and if going across the floor, will maintain 6 foot distance. 
  • The stairs to the left of the front door (wooden, beside the Symphony window & trophies) are the "down" stairs for going to the lower level. 
  • The stairs at the back of the building (grey stairs) are the "up" stairs for returning to the main floor from the basement. 
  • Dancers will exit using the back door at the top of the grey stairs (& leave their laundry basket upside down here).
    • The exception to the one flow of traffic rule is on Friday and Saturday nights when there is only one class going on at a time and a very limited number of students in the building. 

Health (& travel) 

We reserve the right to ask anyone who does not follow these guidelines to leave the studio. 

  •  Please do not come to the studio if
    • You have, someone in your household, or someone you've had close contact with has
      • A cough, fever, sore throat, runny nose/congestion, headache
      • Any other symptoms of COVID or other illness 
      • Had COVID-like symptoms within the past 10 days
        • Without a negative COVID test result
      • Tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days
      • Is waiting for COVID test results.
    • You have traveled outside of New York state within the past 10 days 
      • Unless you tested prior to returning to NY, quarantined and got a second negative test result. 
  • Let Miss Katrina know if you/your child is going to be absent from class and why.
  • Zoom, Youtube, & Makeups 
    • All classes that are going on "in-person" at the studio
      • Are also available via zoom simultaneously 
      • May be recorded for an absent student to view later (if requested)
      • Have a youtube playlist available for students to review important steps or dance routines 
      • May be scheduled at a later date for makeup if students were in isolation/quarantine and unable to zoom. 



Other Guidelines

  • Lobby & Lockerroom 
    • These are currently closed. 
      • Except to specific students/families who have been given permission 
    • Parents/Guardians, siblings, and Family members should wait outside by or in their car. 
    • Anyone entering the lobby must use hand sanitizer 
    • Benches, Tables, and Chairs
      • Are arranged social distancing and should remain in their separated locations. 
      • Wiped down with a lysol, alcohol, or other sanitizing wipe daily. 
    • Lost & Found 
      • Is sprayed with sanitizer & will be donated or disposed of on a routine basis 
  • Restroom 
    • Students should go to the restroom before class
    • Restrooms are cleaned on a nightly basis 
    • Only open to staff & current students 
  • Dance Rooms/Studios 
    • Due to social distancing, class sizes will be smaller/limited and available only on a first come, first served basis. 
    • Students must abide by their marked social dis-dancing area in class 
    • Acro students (due to the use of shared tools) are asked 
      • To wipe their hands and feet before class 
      • Wipe down the mat they used at the end of class with a lysol, alcohol, or other sanitizing wipe.
      • Wear face coverings that: 
        • Stay securely on their face 
        • Minimally obstruct their vision
        • Do not pose as a strangulation risk 

What We're Doing

Please know that most classes are less than 4 people a class and most of the time there are only 2 classes going on at a time, at maximum there is one day (Thursdays) where there are 13 people in the whole studio and on Wednesdays there is a time where there are 12 but that is the most there is total. We also use botanical surface and air cleaner that has been proven to kill Covid-19, I have air purifiers and I usually crack windows where I can. Masks are being required and should be worn at all times, but if for some reason they are not, I am trying to stop that immediately, and there are many safety precautions in place to reduce risk. 

  • Limiting the number of people: 
    • Classes are reduced size
    • There is rarely more than 2 classes going on at a time 
      • Even though we have 3 rooms 
    • The number of people in the whole studio building is limited/reduced
  • Distancing 
    • There are diamonds taped on the floor for 8-10 foot distancing in the center of the floor & at the barre 
    • Traffic flows in one direction throughout the studio 
  • Teachers & Staff  
    • Are wearing masks at all times 
    • Sanitizing the floor of the studio between each class 
      • Using a botanical surface & air sanitizer that has been proven to kill COVID within seconds (no wiping required) 
    • Wiping down ballet barres after each class (with sanitizing wipes that are proven effective) 
    • Providing reminders and education about
      • proper handwashing, hand sanitizer use, and social distancing 
      • staying healthy and supporting our immune system 
      • best practices for staying safe from germs 
    • The majority of our staff has been fully vaccinated for COVID (or is in the process) 
      • Many of us work in healthcare or education at our job outside the studio
  •   Cleaning- We have increased the procedures to happen more frequently or even more thoroughly.   
    • Air purifiers that sanitize the air with UV light and ionization 
    • All high touch areas are wiped down with a sanitizing wipe at least once a day  
      • This includes doorknobs, light switches, stair railings, benches, etc 
    • Automated vacuums for every room
    • The entire studio is freqently deep cleaned 
  • Additional precautions 
    • The baskets previously mentioned to prevent contamination of studio or personal belongings 
    • Non touch hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towel dispensers  
    • Signs throughout the studio with reminders about: 
      • Proper handwashing
      • Mask Wearing 
      • Social Distancing 
      • Preventing Illness 
    • Students can always zoom into any class
    • Miss Katrina keeps in regular contact with the Monroe County Department of Health