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Sunday, April 30 2017
Dance Picture Day Tips
  • Any hairstyle works for picture day. We want you to like your pictures and how you look in them-and hair can play a big part in that.

    • Schedule haircuts a few weeks ahead of time to allow hair to grow back a little if needed, unless you like it short and want a fresh-cut look.

  • Keep kids relaxed and ready to be themselves. Smiles can look fake if they’re over practiced and there's a saying we like: “smiles are like french fries-they’re better when they’re fresh.”

  • Miss Katrina will be practicing the picture poses with the students in class this week and will be giving them ideas for their individual photos. You may also find a great one you like online. We wouldn’t rehearse the face too much, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to plan out and practice some poses and make sure they are flattering and ones that can be held for a great photo.

  • If you have trouble with keeping your eyes open (Miss Katrina knows all about this), try looking down or away from the camera until the photographer says she's going to take the picture, then look right at her. 

    • ​Sometimes the close your eyes and then open on 3 tends to result in scary big eyes instead of simply open eyes. 

  • Get plenty of rest and a good night's sleep the night before….wouldn’t hurt to plan to go to bed extra early a couple of days before. (Don’t want to notice your dark circles before your awesome costume and beautiful face….plus rest will help you feel less stressed too.)

  • Drink plenty of water in the week leading up to your dance pictures.

    • (Miss Katrina is an advocate for water all the time, but especially in preparing for pictures!)

      • Stay clear of energy drinks right before, it might give you a limited boost but being antsy and anxious can negatively affect your shots.

  • Practice your makeup and hair and try on all of your costumes, tights, and the accessories before picture day, so you know how they fit, how they will look and if you need to do anything differently than you had originally planned.

    • Ask your family and friends if the color choices for your makeup look good with your costume and if your makeup and hair choices look good all together.

    • It also doesn’t hurt to time yourself and see how long it takes you to get everything applied and perfected so you know how long you need to plan for to get ready on picture day.

      • Don’t forget to add at least 5 extra minutes in case something goes different on the actual big day.

  • If you are getting head shots taken, remember to test out your shirts and outfits and see how they look. 

    • Pack a few different shirt options so you can see how they end up looking, don't want to put all of your eggs in one basket. 

    • Remember that head shots shouldn't have too much extra in the frame. 

    • Try not to do anything with your hands, body, or face that you wouldn't do in conversation out with a friend for coffee. 

  • Make sure to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before coming to the studio on picture day.

  • More than one costume? Pack them into your Symphony Dance garment bag in reverse order so the one you need first is on top.

  • Make sure your garment bag has the name label in the front pocket.

    • Make sure your shoes have your name in them somewhere (even if you only do it for picture day {and rehearsal and recital day}).

    • It wouldn’t hurt to also find a place to discreetly label your costumes and your accessories as well.

      • You wouldn’t believe how many things get left behind or mixed in with others and things work out easier if we can simply identify what belongs to which dancer.

  • Please do not add any extra accessories besides the ones already included with your costume.

    • For your individual pictures, if you have an item that is really important to you and not distracting from you-then you can wear it then, but it’s best not to wear during the group photo.

  • Don’t make picture day too much of a big deal. Don’t put pressure on it, just relax, feel confident and stay positive.

  • Don’t worry about things being perfect. If you have a blemish or a scratch, or a wild hair- the photographer does retouching for free (she’s nice like that) and anything she can’t re-touch (like someone’s goofy smile with their two front teeth missing) will be something to look back on and remember for this particular dance year.


Finalizing your photo purchase

  • Before you chose a photo package to order, make a list of what size pictures you want to give to family members and what size photos you want for yourself.

    • Next read all of the packages and then compare your list with the packages and see which matches best.

    • Decide if a package that is pre-set is for you, or if you want to build your own package.

      • Remember that our photographer can offer you more than one package, but if you do a pre-set package, the photos must all be the same. (So you can’t do some of the group photo and some of the individual, or some of the ballet costume and some of the tap costume...unless you do a build your own package or buy more than one.)

  • A memory mate is an 8x10 photo that includes an individual pose as well as the group pose.

  • We have pre-pay photo forms/envelopes available at the studio. You should bring it, filled out, on the day of your photo to give to the photographer.

    • Please make checks out to: Picture the Best

    • You only need one form and one check per dancer

      • If ordering multiple poses or different photos-just make it clear for our photographer on the form.

  • If time allows, the photographer will allow you to see your photo and possibly take more than one photo if necessary.  

  • If you would like siblings or friends to be photographed together you can select a package or do a build your own, just let Miss Katrina know and she and the photographer can work them in.

Have a tip that you think will help other dancers? Got an idea to make picture day run more smoothly? Email, text, message, comment, or post and hashtag us #SymphonyDancePictureDay and we could share your post on social media, or add it to our blog! 

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